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Field Trips

field trip at the rink

Plan your next school or organization field trip to TRAXSIDE. Great reasons to have a Roller Skating field trip:

  • Promote Fitness; Gym and Health
  • Reward student success
  • Celebrate Back to School
  • End of School Year
  • Advancing a grade, to middle school, high school, etc
  • Reward for Good Behavior
  • Good Attendance

A field trip to the rink introduces individuals to the sport of roller skating while creating new experiences for many in a super fun and safe environment. We have a live DJ interacting with the group throughout the session. We offer a full Snack Bar and brand-new Arcade Games for a great experience.

Facility Availability:

TraXside is available for field trip rental Monday through Friday during the hours of 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Pricing starts at $6/per person. Food combos can be included for and additional $3/person or you can bring bag lunches (no additional time is allotted for lunches). Other food packages/options are available. Please ask our Event Coordinator for details.

field trip at the rink

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