The EXPRESS Party Package


This party package is great for the host that wants to plan for what exactly they want. This ala carte feature lets you decide what you want, or don’t want, included in your experience. Minimum is 6 but you can add on!

Includes reserved seating and party service

Add additional guests for $11 each.

*Not available on Friday Nights*



Choose a date above to see available time slots.
Pay a deposit of $50.00 per item



**Once you book your party, watch for a confirmation in your email. Please do not send our your invitations until you receive this email confirmation.  

Reservation required for all parties entering our facility
  • $50.00 non-refundable deposit & restocking fee if party cancels two weeks before scheduled date
  • There is a $25 Primetime charge for parties held on Friday night (*Express parties cannot be held on Fridays).
  •  All parties receive special menu pricing when pre-ordering – this includes The Express ala-carte party.  (NOTE: we try to be as accommodating as possible, but there is no guarantee of menu items or special pricing the day of the party)
  • The Blackout Party includes reserved party room and special black lighting.  The party room is able to be  reserved for an additional $50 for any other party listed when available.
  • no personal checks, no exceptions
Parties include admission, rentals, and roller skating  party place settings (special glow place setting for Blackout Party) for the guest of honor and 7 guests.
  • guest of honor’s parents (guardians) & grandparents will be admitted at no charge
  • all other adults, including parents of guests, are subject to $3.00 admission if they choose to stay and $6.00 if they choose to skate. You may choose to have these charges added to your bill.
  • party and guests are let in no earlier than 5 minutes prior to the allotted time-slot
TraXside reserves the right to only allow cake/cupcakes and presents in the facility ONLY when a party package is reserved.
  •   You are allotted one picnic table for party guests (these hold up to 12 guests if needed), a party cart to hold your cake and presents, and a basket to hold shoes/coats.  (NOTE: We try to be as accommodating as possible especially during our busy sessions, however if you are planning for parents of the guests,  there may not be extra table space available in your party area)
  • no outside food or drink allowed, except cake or cupcakes with a reserved party

**You will receive a second email a week prior where we will require more details to plan the perfect party experience for you and your guests!